Family experience on the mountains – discover the joy of the peaks

Experience and understand nature, learn through playing and relax at the same time – new concepts that are particularly appealing to families

Magical Filzalmsee Hochbrixen
Easy to reach and in the immediate vicinity of the Hochbrixen mountain station, a fantastic Alpine landscape, the picturesque Filzalmsee, has been open to visitors since summer 2004.

Just a few minutes’ walk from the Hochbrixen mountain station, directly at the foot of the Hohe Salve, visitors are presented with a fantastic Alpine landscape at 1,300m above sea level, the heart of which has been home to a reservoir since 2003.

With a water area of 21,000m², the Filzalmsee is one of the largest reservoirs in Austria. Right from the planning stages, special care was taken to make the lake a paradise for hikers, athletes, nature lovers, and families during the summer months.

Attractions such as a biotope with peep boxes for watching the underwater life, a wading area for children, a moor wading pond, a “barefoot” experience path, a lovely circular path around the lake, a water giant, toys, and much more impressed the numerous visitors to the Filzalmsee even last year.

But there are also plenty of scenic discoveries to be made at and around Hochbrixen. As such, the Filzalmsee is located right next to an ancient moor featuring flora and fauna as they are rarely seen.


Hexenwasser Hochsöll

Over comfortable paths, follow the footsteps of the witches to the Witches’ Brook and further to the Witches’ Forest and the Witches’ Water. The main attraction is the 450-metre-long “Water Path” from the freshwater spring at Gasthof Hochsöll to the Stöcklalm. Thirty game, health and refreshment stations have been set up along the Witches’ Water, most of them dealing with the topic of water in different ways. Right at the beginning, a Kneipp pool invites visitors to take their shoes off and cool down their feet in the cold mountain spring water. Children who like to play, splash around, and fill up on water will enjoy themselves most at the climbing pond, the water wall path, the maze, and of course, the Witches’ Slide.

Along the Witches’ Brook, visitors can fill up on water, look for stones, or watch life in the water using a magnifying glass. Where the Witches’ Water and the Witches’ Brook meet, the path winds towards the Witches’ Wood. The Witches’ Cableway, Witches’ Land, and the Forester’s Cottage are waiting to invite visitors on all kinds of adventures.

Another experience is Austria’s longest barefoot trail at the foot of the Hohe Salve - a special relief for your tired feet. The summit is dedicated to fascinating themes such as the sun, moon, and wind. Bring along the unique wind harp of Austria to sing along with and discover the history of timekeeping at 12 stations. A particular treat for the kids is the Salve Giant, which they can climb, slide, and play on.


Alpinolino Westendorf-Choralpe

Thrilling adventures with the “know-it-all”

The little “know-it-all” at the Alpinolino Explorer Park will receive the children right from the gondola mountain station at the Talkaser and escort the through the excitingly enacted Alpine landscape around the Choralpe, where many a tricky riddle is hidden.

Under the heading “Play, research, and discover”, numerous stations have been installed on a circular path of around 1.5km, where visitors can, for example, test their senses of taste and smell, observe marmots, compete in the long jump or race each other, or even spot the mountain summit and different locations using a fixed viewing telescope.

The Choralpe is also intriguing for adults, as it is one of the most beautiful panoramic mountains in the Kitzbühel Alps and is lavishly endowed with picturesque attactions. When the sky is clear, to the south you can see the Hohe Tauern with the Grossvenediger and Grossglockner mountains and to the north, the Wilder Kaiser mountain range.

A hiking tour is also offered from the Talkaser towards the Brechhornhaus, which is located nearby to the “Kreuzjöchlsee”, a stunning and idyllic mountain lake.


KaiserWelt playground

The KaiserWelt is a playground with everything a child’s heart could want.

From Scheffau, take the gondola lift to the Brandstadl mountain station, where children and teenagers can run around and let off steam as they desire at a height of 1,650m. For the youngest children, a few pedal cars are available directly by the Brandstadl Restaurant. A small knoll next to this features all kinds of toys, such as a trampoline, swings, or a small cable car.

The restaurant’s large terrace offers visitors the chance to sit back and enjoy traditional Tyrolean cuisine or coffee and cake, all while taking in the impressive mountain landscape.

The core of the Kaiserland in Scheffau is the “KAISERWALD”. Here, children and teenagers can pursue their passion for adventure and reveal the countless secrets of the forest. During the discover tours, they will see large treehouses as headquarters or viewing points, find a rotatable treehouse, high seats, and plenty of climbing and balancing equipment.

The Brandstadl mountain station is the starting point for gorgeous hiking paths such as the “Kaiserweg” around the Brandstadl, the “Kaiser-Panoramaweg” to Hartkaiser in Ellmau, the “Murmelweg” to Jochstub´n with the Jochstub´n Lake, where visitors can watch the hustle and bustle of the comical marmots from a viewing bench. Day tours to the “Filzalmsee” or the “Witches’ Water” are also an option.


Ellmi’s world of magic on the Hartkaiser

Ellmi's Zauberwelt on the Hartkaiser in Ellmau

Hop aboard the "Zauberexpress" and reach the Hartkaiser in just 7 minutes, where you will then be received by a mystical enchanted world of fairies, leprechauns, and forest spirits, but most of all by our magical frog, “Ellmi”.

His nature and adventure park will lead you through our colourful flora and fauna and who knows, perhaps a few of you will learn a thing or two!

Ellmi’s Zauberwelt is an adventure mountain for both young and old, and always presents new surprises in the fascinating countryside.

When in the new panorama restaurant with its impressive view of the Wilder Kaiser, always been on the lookout that a goblin doesn’t want to suddenly join you for a bite because even they appreciate good food.