The Brixental Valley - A paradise for bike lovers

The scenic beauty and diversity of the Brixental valley is made for cycling tours of all difficulties. This is an opinion shared by Uli Stanciu, mountain-bike guru and publisher of numerous travel guides, as well as the founder of the Bike Magazine, who has taken the Kitzbühel Alps region on from a conceptional and advisory perspective.

The region is the ultimate insider’s tip in the Alps, something which is also demonstrated by top-class events, such as the KitzAlpBike as part of the Top Six MB Marathons, and the 2003 passage of the Transalp Challenge.

A strenuous and sweaty climb is rewarded by dreamlike paths through mountain pastures and scenic mountain ranges. The many Alpine restaurants in the Kitzbühel Alps ensure you will have a few sociable breaks.

You will find pure nature in the beautiful side valleys of the Brixental valley - the Aschau, Windau, Kelchsau, as well as the Brixenbachgraben. They extend southwards and are the starting point for many tours of all kinds of lengths and difficulty.

Those who want to reach the top quickly and conquer the mountain going downhill can take the gondola lift up to the summit. Most cableways in the region also extend the service to cyclists.

The Kitzbühel Alps region, a cycling paradise for the whole family

Cycling in the Brixental valley and around the Hohe Salve

Here in the Brixental valley, the world is as it should be - as you can also see when exploring the region by bike: Pristine side valley, hamlets with old farmyards, grasslands and hedgerows, meadows and woods, as well as a gorgeous view of the surrounding mountain landscape of the Kitzbühel Alps. From time to time, a traditional guesthouse also offers the opportunity to rest and recover your strength.

Cycle routes all the way to Salzburg

The network of cycle routes is sheer endless, meaning that you can find your way to Salzburg on the prepared cycle paths. One of these stunning routes takes us from Brixen via Kirchberg into the old town of Kitzbühel and further via the Römerweg towards St. Johann. From there, you can then do a circuit of the Hohe Salve via Going, Ellmau, Scheffau, Itter, and back to Brixental through Hopfgarten or cycle even further to the idyllic Pillersee or until Salzburg.

The beautiful side valleys of the Brixental valley

Another special feature of the Brixental valley is the natural side valleys of Aschau, Windau, and Kelchsau, which are perfect for easy cycling tours on normal bikes. The paths run along the mountain streams, are constantly lined with shady meadows, and are continually slightly uphill until the end of the valley (approx. 15 - 20 km), where they then run steeply uphill. At the valley ends, there are places to stop and have a rest (Aschau - Oberlandhütte, Windau - Gamskogelhütte, Kelchsau - Fuchswirt, directly in the idyllic centre of the Kelchsau valley or further on, the Moderstock Hütte).